About Us

Prime Origins is a site dedicated to helping people understand the science of health and how the origin of our species impacts best treatment options for our bodies. Our bodies are a system that has developed over millions of years and as such we must understand how it has evolved if we want to better treat illness and disease. Prime Origins follows the most recent and cutting research in the industry and helps our readers know how they can take advantage of science both in their home and when they go to their personal doctor.

It is our duty to be responsible and informed patients when we go see our doctors. We must know our bodies, how they work, and the different treatment options available to us. Only when we take an individual responsibility in our own health can we best maintain our personal health and longevity.

Self mastery is just part of the process in obtaining personal health and progress. Evolution and biology has not figured out how to function perfectly and overcome all disease. With the progress of science we are able to manipulate our own body chemistry to change our cellular behavior. It is not far too distant into the future that we will be able to control all aspects of cellular and gene function.